Edit users page slow load

|**OS type and version: Debian 10|
|**Webmin version: 1.973|

**Virtualmin version:6.16.gpl

Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language so i will try to explain the best way.

I have a virtual server with 1441 users, all users are mail accounts.
when i click on “edit users” in virtualmin it takes about 40 seconds to load the page.
is there a way to improve the speed to load the page (“edit users”)?
it is possible to show less users filtering by pages?
I changed the theme to the old “virtualmin framed theme” without good improves.

thanks in advance


What are the system specs, in particular CPU and Memory for this machine?

It’s a Virtual Machine with 4CPU and 8gb RAM


Seems like you’ve got reasonable amount of resources. The likelihood is that the sheer volume of users makes the process take a bit longer.

Though, with a bit of optimizaiton to the system and/or Virtualmin UI settings it may be possible to improve the performance a bit.

If you’d like, through a screen sharing session I can assess things and provide some optimization tips in order to improve the overall performance of the panel and your system as a whole.

@tpnsolutions thanks for your answer and your predisposition.
I can’t do screen sharing due to privacy reasons. It’s a server of a customer and they have critical information.
anyway if you don’t mind, which are this optimization tips? could you explain to us?
I think it will helpful for me or for another who come here searching something similar.

thanks again!


I understand the privacy implications, hence why I prefer a screen sharing session as you can control what I see and I can either advise, or conduct the action as may be deemed appropriate.

If you search for my username around the forums, you’ll find multiple threads where I have assisted numerous Virtualmin users for years.

I am also one of a few most respected helpers within the community and this respect goes as far as the Virtualmin team.

You can read about my tech support service at: https://tpnassist.com and read real world testimonials from others who have used the services already.

Finally if necessary, consult your client to seek appropriate permissions for me to aid you in offering exceptional support to them. I am not interested in acquiring their business, but rather helping you maintain exceptional relations with them :slight_smile:

Oh, and to offer you the “tips” it’s not about having a secret agenda, but I really would have to assess your current setup before I could offer reliable tips since depending on how things are setup I may not offer certain tips that may apply to someone else, and additional tips that could be useful in your environment.

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