Edit Server Template

Hello, I have a problem to edit a new template, I enter the server template / edit server template to edit a new template but when changing some value it fails to change it. How can I manage to edit my new template.

Thank you very much forum.

Sorry to bother with this, but I’m a bit confused and I can not fix it.
I need to change PHP execution mode options are: :

1 -Apache mod_php (ejecutar como usuario de Apache)
2-CGI wrapper (ejecutar como propietario de un servidor virtual)
3-FCGId (ejecutar como propietario de servidor virtual)

But when I switch to:(CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner) and save the changes back to :: Apache mod_php.

How can I make it default (CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner)

These changes in the : System Settings / Server Templates/

As indicated in the picture ---->>> http://imgur.com/a/aI5Kd

Help please i need it

I am having the same problem with Webmin 1.941.
Virtualmin > System settings > Server Templates:
I select a custom template created with a previous version of virturalmin:
select Bind DNS > Uncheck localhost.domain
Click on SAVE.
I go back and the changes are NOT saved (the option is marked checked again)?!?!?!??!