Edit Mail and FTP Users - hangs


We are having this problem on one (and only one) server running Virtualmin. When we select a domain, then click Edit Mail and FTP Users, the page with users never loads in the browser (or, it would seem, gets served by the miniserv.pl process).

The server is admitedly a bit short on memory, but CPU loading stays around 0.5 and all other services (mail, web, etc) still run fine.

This is the only page in Virtualmin that runs slowly; others load normally.

Scratching head on this one…

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Some more info…

I think this may have something to do with adding a couple of IP addresses to the server.

Since then, the problems are symtomatic in other ways:

  • When trying to create a new virtual server, I fill in fields, click Create Virtual Server and after adding the new group the script hangs;

  • When I click Edit Virtual Server, the Virtual Server details and Configurable Settings boxes appear, but the script then hangs and doesn’t serve any more content to the browser;

I look forward to any pointers… many thanks :slight_smile:

Bit like a ghost town in here… :wink:

In case anyone is actually reading this, the answer is: check whether all mounted drives are available. I had a NFS share which was mounted on this server, but the NFS share became unavailable. Other processes on the server also failed to complete, such as yum update.

Hope this helps someone.


I was actually communicating with Jamie regarding this – I was wondering if it was due to Virtualmin’s attempt to calculate the mailbox sizes when it goes into that screen… so what I got from Jamie just a little bit ago is that you can prevent that by going into System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> User interface settings, and set “Show mailbox size in users list” to “No”.

However, if you resolved it by tweaking your NFS mount, then that’s great! :slight_smile:


Hey Eric,

Thanks for checking that out - hope I didn’t cause a wild goose chase (too much).

Interesting tip, thanks for leading me to that.

Interestingly, the option “Show mailbox size in users list?” was actually switched to “no” on the server in question, so I guess it was something else.

Clearly the box wasn’t very happy anyway, just in general usage. I should probably investigate better ways of using NFS mounts (hard vs soft, async, etc).

Thanks again,