EC2 Virtualmin Pro install and configuration

I need some experienced help in setting up a scratch install of a Virtualmin Pro AMI instance on EC2. EC2 account has been established and Virtualmin subscription in place.

[li]Install and configuration of instance (proper "secure" Security Groups configured in ElasticFox). [/li]
[li]Configuration of Virtualmin to a state of being able to ad virtual servers complete with email hosting.[/li]
[li]Configuration of Virtuallmin to be able to host DNS information of individual websites (with instructions on how setup a godaddy domain record account to point to the server)[/li]

Please email me with the following information to

When you can start and how long will it take
Your fee
What information will you need from me.

We are wanting to do this ASAP. Thank you for your time.

Yes i am intrested lets talk more…