EC2 Virtualmin EBS AMI?

Will there be an Virtualmin EBS Boot AMI soon?

I’ve been trying to make one myself but not working out very well yet.

Any plans on making an EBS AMI for Virtualmin?

Its that or getting quota to work on my Ubuntu EBS intance. That is not directly related to Virtualmin, but keeps me from using it. If I can’t get either of them, or any other solution to work I’ll just have to check Virtualmin of my list but it would be a shame because it seems like the best out there is.

I haven’t looked into this yet, sorry.

However, I imagine you could create your own EBS AMI pretty easily by creating a system using the current Virtualmin AMI, then creating a new AMI from it.

What goes wrong with quotas exactly? They work fine for me on EC2.

I have tried to start an instance and then copy it, but that obviously would not work since you cant copy a running system.
I have seen howto’s which involve downloading the bundle, what I assume is some kind of image and form there make an AMI, but I get access denied when i try to download the manifest (I’m not that into AWS yes so don’t know how it all works).

As far as the quota problems go the error message I got was…

(I’ll just have to reproduce it since I shut the instance down and cant remember the error message)

Starting a new instance from ubuntu hardy AMI with a newer date than the last

And now it works!

Ok so now my problem with ubuntu is gone. I’ll just run that then.
Started the newest Ubuntu AMI from Eric Hammond dated 2010 rather the Canonical from 2009 and that seem to have fixed the problem.

Thanks for replying to my post. That probably made me use Virtualmin even if you didn’t do anything!
Thanks! :slight_smile: