[EC2] SSH key

Hello all,

I searched the forum but it looks like that I’m the only one experiencing this issue :confused:

Cloudmin: 7.2
OS: Ubuntu 12.04

Hosting: EC2
OS: Ubuntu 12.04

I’m trying to create VM on EC2 using Cloudmin but up to now, SSH doesn’t work. Creation goes fine (or almost since some AWS features are missing) but thats about it…

So, short story;

  1. When creating a VM, I tried using an existing ssh key and it failed (SSH login failed)
  2. When creating a VM, I tried creating a ssh key from Cloudmin GUI & then using it but it still failed to connect (Cloudmin SSH > EC2)

The keys are working like a charm when using it in a terminal (from the Cloudmin master &/or my workstation)

Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance!