EC2 AMI for Virtualmin Pro in Europe

hi there I’ve been testing the Virtualmin Pro AMI for quite a while, and now I need to setup an instance in the EU region. I can find the GPL AMI for EU, but can’t find a Pro version. Is one planned for release anytime soon, or shall I dive in with the GPL?

I’ve just created an AMI for use with EC2 in Europe, with ID ami-e8547f9c

Like the US Virtualmin Pro AMI, you have to subscribe first to use it, at :

thanks Jamie. Bye bye Rackspace, hello cloud.

Tried launching the EU AMI via the AWS management console and got this message:

Unable to launch image ami-e8547f9c as the product code C3D80217 is not supported for the specified region, instance type and operating system combination…

Not sure if I subscribed properly first. Initially I clicked the above link and was forwarded to an AWS login page. After login I got an activation key but the page looked broken. I tried a couple of times and got two different activation keys, so I tried launching the AMI.

Hmm, that’s annoying … it seems like Amazon may need a different product code for the EU AMI.

If you try to launch the US AMI (with ID ami-6d4ca904) on EC2 in the US, does that work OK?

I’ve got a US Pro ami-6d4ca904 instance that has been running for months.

I am able to launch instances of the EU GPL ami-dc1a32a8 whithout problem, it’s just the EU Pro version i’m stuck wondering if I went wrong, or if it needs rebundling at your end.

Am I supposed to use the activation key before or after launching a Pro instance? I can’t remember how I activated my existing US Pro instance.

Ok, I will follow up with our contact at Amazon about this, and see if something special needs to be done to make the new AMI ami-e8547f9c available in europe. It may need to have a different product code or something …

Amazon don’t make life easy for us… none of my security groups or key pairs in the US region work in the EU region - I had to create a new security group and key pair to use on the EU GPL instance I’m running.

I see there is an option to upgrade my EU GPL version to Pro, but I’ll be patient and wait for the EU Pro AMI.

Ok, I found out how to make the paid AMI available in Europe … however, it is a little unclear from Amazon’s site if this change takes effect immediately, or in 14 days. Try launching it again now, and let us know if it works.

I tried launching just now and got the same error message about the product code. I’ll try again in 14 days.

Yeah, I talked to Amazon and they said we would have to wait 14 days for this to take effect …

HTTP 403 (Forbidden) response for URL check your S3 ACLs

That’s odd … I will ask my contact at Amazon about this.

HTTP 403 (Forbidden) response for URL check your S3 ACLs
just a quick reminder - same error message as before… I’m sticking with the GPL version for the time being, but may switch to the Pro version later when the AMI is launchable. Cheers, Rob.

Ok, I have re-built a new AMI in Europe with Virtualmin pro - the AMI is ami-81e1caf5

Let me know how it goes …

Correction … the new AMI ID is ami-71e0cb05

Just FYI - I’ve created a new Europe paid AMI with ID ami-3dc4ef49 , containing Virtualmin 3.76.

nice 1.

I ran ami-3dc4ef49 just now for a few moments and may run it again when I have recovered from the financial disater my ex-girlfriend left me in when she changed a bunch of my passwords, hijacking my Rackspace server and online business. I can barely afford the GPL version on EC2 while I’m getting back on my feet.

Never trust ANYONE with root access passwords!