If I have multiple web sites do I need separate IP addresses for each site and are those addresses on my local network or are they static ip addresses from my internet provider?

They should be either static, or reserved DHCP (meaning that they’re assigned by DHCP, but will always be the same). The former is the norm, but some hosts use the latter for VPS’s.

You do not need separate IP’s for each site anymore. That annoyance was done away with 20 or so years ago when SNI was introduced.


Ok so when I have all 3 websites setup and I give each one a let’s encrypt cert when I go to the first one (mowersblowersandmore.com) and then go to the next one (sun-n-shaded.com) it takes me to mowersblowersandmore.com the same things happens to the 3rd site why? I do not have IP addresses on any of the sites

I’ve seen it, user have all means to contact me :wink: there is nothing on my end to output for user at the moment as I was not contacted except to just wait, I am not desperate , it was offer for help, but thanks.

Are you available to assist me with getting this setup?

Have I offended you?? I haven’t heard from you. I am still needing help and I am willing to pay for the help.

Are you available to assist me. I am willing to pay to get my websites setup properly


Right now I’m pretty pressed for time between the two businesses; but if no one else can help, I’ll see what I can do. I have zero experience with what you’re trying to install, however; so you’re probably better off with someone who’s done it before.

Maybe Peter ( @tpnsolutions ) or Niel ( @calport ) would be better choices if @unborn is unable to help right now. They’re all eminently qualified, whereas I’d have to start from scratch because I never even heard of EasyAppointment before this thread.

By the way, sun-n-shaded.com seems to have a DNS problem. The domain doesn’t resolve at all on 80 or 443. Have you checked its DNS and also made sure that it’s pointed correctly at the registrar? You may also have an SSL problem, but right now it’s not even resolving; so any SSL issues would be moot.


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Thank you for your reply. I guess I have fat fingers. It should be sun-n-shades.com. I noticed that there is a PHP Calendar install script is there a way to attach that to my mowersblowersandmore.com website to allow customers to schedule dropping off a lawn mower or other small engine for repair. I am finding it very difficult to keep up the with the demand for my services.


Ah, okay. sun-n-shades.com is resolving properly and opens to an opencart maintenance page.

I really have no idea whether the PHP calendar in the install scripts will work for what you want to do because I’ve never installed it. I’m sure it can be installed on your site if it’s in the scripts library, however. It will require enabling the script installs permission for the virtual server user (or the “domain” if you’re more familiar with that lingo) if it’s not already enabled. I just don’t know if it will do what you want it to do.

Generally speaking, the only scripts I install are Roundcube and phpMyAdmin because clients want them. I also installed WordPress exactly once in my life, and I installed and keep updated FusionInvoice (my invoicing software).

That’s the extent of my experience with scripts. I hand-code everything else.

That’s one of the reasons I’m encouraging you to seek the assistance of someone more knowledgeable about these scripts than I am. (The other is lack of time right now. My second business is as a drone pilot, and that work is picking up right now.) I don’t use any of the software you’ve mentioned and I have no idea how to install it, configure it, customize it, integrate it, use it, nor advise you how to use it.

In other words, I’d be reading the documentation just like you can do yourself. I have zero experience with nor expertise in any of the applications.

I can say this much: The safest way to experiment would be to create subservers of the virtual servers in question, give them script install permissions, and install the scripts to the subs. The isolation will help you not to accidentally hose the main sites.

For example, you could create


and give it script install permissions. Then navigate into the new subserver and install the scheduler script to its root. If it doesn’t suit your needs, you uninstall it and try something else. When it works to your satisfaction, you link the subserver from the main site.

That’s really the extent of my knowledge about these scripts. Surely there has to be someone here who knows more than that and who needs some money. But if not, I’ll try to make some time and help you out. I just have to be honest and tell you that all you’ll have is an installed script that I will have no idea how to configure, nor even use, much less advise you about.


Hi, sorry I got catch with normal admin work, I work for msp for around 398 companies and most of them have around 900 user’s to support. Sorry I was busy. Sure what version of virtualmin you are on? Please send me directly message with your telegram or signal/WhatsApp and time zone as I am in UK time. It should not take more then 15 minutes to set up if server is up to date. No docker need it. Okay hit me up when you are ready. Thanks.

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Rjm thanks for recommending. I will try to help out as much as I can. All best, G.

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When will you be available to assist in setting up Easy Appointment on my website And how would we accomplish it would you nee access to my website

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