Easy Way To Reasign Quotas?

I am revising the disk space allowed for each of my plans. Rather than going one by one to a couple hundred accounts, is there a single file that contains this information? Maybe something that contains a lists of all virtual servers and their assigned quotas?


There isn’t a simpler way within Virtualmin… the only other thing you could do is use the command line tools, and create a script for modifying your users.

But that would really only be helpful if you wanted all your users to have the same quota.

However, you can use this command to see the available options:

virtualmin modify-user

Alright – Thanks Eric.

What would be cool is if the virtual servers list could work like it does when you want to change the mailbox sizes for multiple users within a virtual domain by clicking the “Modify Selected Users” button.


Aha, after speaking with Jamie, it sounds like this feature should work in Virtualmin Pro (which I think you have there).

His instructions are –

On the "List Virtual Servers" page, you can select multiple domains and then click the "Update Selected" button at the bottom. This brings up a page for making various changes to multiple domains at once, one of which is the quotas.

I’ll be dog-gone, so it is there. Very good, thanks for pointing this out!