Easy Apache; alternatives to MySQL (eg MariaDB)

something like cPanel’s Easy Apache, ie. a GUI for recompiling Apache and PHP. That means having a backed up set of compile flags for the user’s last build of Apache and php. A suggested set of defaults. A GUI with tick boxes or something of that kind to select flags.

Maybe some help links guiding the user through what the various options are for.

Also some way of making sure it only uses repos where all the libraries and extensions are correct versions so that compile does not bail out with a dependency error (always a fear when one has taken down a live server for ‘brief’’ maintenance).

An ajax shell window allowing the user to view the compile process.

A script allowing easy uninstall of mysql followed re-install of mariadb or percona, and any necessary recompile of php.

NB the Drupal community are experimenting with MongoDB. This is actually easy to set up but short on GUI support of the phpmyadmin kind. Vitualmin support for MongoDB would probably be valued in future.


Virtualmin tries hard to use tested and stable packages that come from a distribution’s repository. So Apache and PHP are the standard versions that come with the distribution that’s been installed – there isn’t a Virtualmin supported method to recompile those.

However, it sounds like what you’re asking is for the ability to use alternative databases with minimal hassle.

This isn’t actually hard to do, it just requires a plugin be created for the database. If you do any coding, it’s actually not too difficult a process create one.

We’ll keep it in mind that you’d like support for some alternative databases,