E-mail signup

This may be a stupid question, but I haven’t been able to find anything specific to what I need.

Is there any scripts out there that would be able to create a user with e-mail access in a particular domain (server)?

Here’s what I want to do… I’d like to have a web site designed for people that has some kind of account signup. Upon signing up I’d like them to have their own e-mail address, whether it be forwarding or webmail access on the site, but at the same time I would need a system that lets me validate and activate the accounts before they could use e-mail.

Is this possible with any existing scripts, such as WordPress or anything similar? Would anything already existing be compatible with creating e-mail addresses in Virtualmin? Or is there a script I can run that’s already part of virtualmin to create the users in the domain from within a script I make myself?



Virtualmin has a module called “signup” (package is named either wbm-virtualmin-signup or webmin-virtualmin-signup).

Take a peek at that and see if it does what you’re after – it should allow you to have users signup for email accounts within a particular domain.


That seems possibly too simple. It looks like anybody could just go in and create an e-mail address.

I want something more secure, hopefully something that already exists. I was hoping for something like Drupal or Wordpres with an e-mail function built in. It would be better if it was compatible with Virtualmin.

But if I pick apart the virtualmin-signup, perhaps I could make my own plugin for one of these existing interfaces that would create the accounts.