E-mail client Setup

Need someone to look into our server and configure it accordingly so we can access user emails via e-mail clients such as Thunderbird or outlook. WE would also like the emails to be secured for POP and IMAP using the lets encrpt certificate .It used to work before but has suddenly quit working. We are assuming its a configuration issue however we do not have the skill set to do this and do not want to start from scratch as the server seems to be doing fine till this issue… This is on a live server. Please contact immediately with expected compensation. We are able to access usermin and it works fine and we are able to send receive email as well. You will need to have team viewer to initiate the connection and we will provide you with supervised access.

When trying to configure Thunderbird it does accept the username and password etc initially, then gives us a warning about unsecured pop and imap connection and when we accept and try and continue it asks if the username and password is correct. We believe its something got to do with sasl.

We are also looking for a reliable,professional and cost effective consultant who has experience with Virtualmin that we can use on a long term basis


If you haven’t found anyone to help you with this issue, I’d be glad to discuss it with you. Please contact me via my website. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. I concentrate on the work, not on the show :wink: http://adminsin.space

Talk to you soon.


I have emailed you and still awaiting a response from you. email was sent to support@adminsin.space

Hmm, that is very odd! I just sent a test to it and it went through. Try emailing my username here [geocrasher] at gmail.com and we’ll connect that way. Thanks so much!


I checked my server and I see the problem. If you re-submit your email, it will go through as I have whitelisted your domain name now. It looks like a reverse DNS mismatch issue. I can give you details when you contact me. Thanks!

emailed you already