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I install successfull webmin on my ubuntu,everything its ok. I have dynamic ip, my provider offers me an ddns and i get very easy and fast my external ip address. My question is : How to automatically update the zones for my domain. On dynamic ip update tab , on external address i have the correct address, but on zones no, i need to enter and press change ip address. i dont need DynDns when i have my provider ddns for free. I just wana update the zones automatticaly with my new external ip address when that its changed. I saw there its something about external script, i dont find any model or how looks like.I created one in php but doesent run…dont update anything.
The zone get update only when dynamic ip address its on and runs a script, or exist a setting on webmin/virtualmin to get update all the time with new ip address and put it to the zones ?
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Odd, just posted a question about dynamic dydns and know its going to be a tough nut to crack.

However the domand ‘virtualmin --domain domain.com --ip x.x.x.x’ should help.

You would have to write a script that detects the ip changing and runs this for eatch domain when it does. Fairly stright forward.

lets go down this rabbit hole together ;).


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Thanks a lot ,

I stay last night and i figure it out and its like this and working ,
dig +short mydynamicdns.com,
i will modify to verify only if change the ip, but its ok seems my script runs ok.
Thanks again,

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I’ve been just manually updating my IP on the rare occasions that it changes for a couple of years now. I’m doing my domain names at Google (the evil empire), and just today while trying to answer something in a networking chat room on Matrix I saw they added service for DDNS. Apparently there are a couple Ubuntu/Linux programs that will work for Virtualmin, I think
See ddclient and ddupdate.

I’m literally learning about this as I’m posting my reply here. I’m hoping one of those will be the thing I tell Virtualmin is the External Script in the Virtualmin => Addresses and Networking => Dynamic IP Update section. My vague understanding right now is that Virtualmin will heal it’s own self and virtual servers when the External IP changes if I:

  • set Dynamic update enabled? to Yes, and
  • set Source of IP address to Address visible from the Internet,

and then try to run a script or connect to DynDNS to fix entries at the domain name service provider. It seems like ddclient doesn’t need to be launched, but is running as a service that tells Google when configured right that the IP needs maintenance.

Am I getting that right?

I did get this to work, I think!
It’s hard to get the ISP to change IP assignments on demand. :laughing:

Details at https://www.virtualmin.com/comment/825422#comment-825422

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