Dynamic DNS for Virtualmin Domain


I currently use a domain vpn.mydomain.com to access my homenetwork. As the IP of my router is changing from time to time, the DNS entry gets updated via OpenWrt DynDNS from my router module automatically. The module is supporting a lot of domain providers. But recently I configured my Virtualmin server as my DNS server for this domain.

Is there any function in virtualmin that makes it possible for me to use this feature of my router? I upload a screenshot of the configuration options as an attachement.

Thanks in advance and best regards!

**OS type and version: Debian 10
**Virtualmin version: newest

hi I’ve done this for my mother she is located in different country and her up changes within a 3 days…no router reboot it’s just ISP. basically you will need to tell your virtualmin that IP changed…my mother use Linux so it was easy but if they use Windows I cannot help due to windows limitations. but on Mac and Linux it’s perfectly doable :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, thanks for your answer!
My router is running on linux, so it should be possible. Can you tell me how you did it on linux?

sure thing bash script and Cron every 15 minutes…it did send me telegram or email with new IP, later on I’ve changed the script to log into domain and changes IP in DNS records since then no issues

In Addresses and Networking in the left-hand menu, have a look at Dynamic IP Update. It has support for notifying DynDNS of IP changes (you can also have it run a script of your devising)…but, it sounds like you want your router to do the notifying, which is something you’d have to ask the router vendor. We don’t know a single thing about your router. If your router has an API, maybe you could use the script to call it to trigger an update or whatever, I dunno.

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