Drupal 7 upgrade complete (sort of)

Howdy all,

So, the Drupal 7 upgrade that I’ve been threatening for months has finally happened, for real. It looks like DNS has propagated and folks are now hitting the new site.

I’ll take this opportunity to tell you a little about it.

It’s running on a new-ish server that I installed about a year ago, with all SSD storage, and a whole lot of RAM. It’s got less CPU power than the old server, but much faster disk subsystem, so we should be more comfortable than on the old box. That said, I have done almost no optimization of this system, so it’s probably not as fast as it can be. I’ll get to it in the next day or two.

It is running Drupal 7 (duh!), which was a serious pain to upgrade to. I’ve noticed there are some quirks that have been introduced in my copying the devel installation over to the production instance (carousel isn’t working, lightbox popups aren’t working), but I’m too tired to sort out why. I’ll get’em fixed in the morning.

Likewise, I haven’t turned on authentication against the new license manager, as it requires some security-oriented tweaks on both the database and the backend servers, which I don’t feel comfortable doing while half zombied out. So, if you buy a new license, it won’t be downloadable for as much as a few hours. That’ll be fixed in a few hours, as well. Easy fix, I just don’t wanna do it half asleep.

There are a couple dozen additional features and modules that I will be turning on over the next few days, to improve the forums a bit, and to make it easier for Eric and I to provide premium support more quickly I wanted to launch with something pretty close to what we were running before, and then expand from there, just to minimize conflicts with the migrated data and such.

Holler at me when you find problems. It could be something I don’t know about yet! (But, don’t expect a reply until I’ve slept a little bit.)



Excellent news! Congratulations! Looks really cool!

  1. I log in and then cannot access the support pages - says I don’t have permission.
  2. You probably want to turn off the display messages of PHP notices, etc.

I don’t have permission to search from the support page - I can get there, but when I try to do a search it says I don’t have access.