Download webmin-1.940.pkg.gz for Solaris fails

Would love to get the Solaris pkg version, too. (Link already exists:

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I don’t know if Jamie has a Solaris box to build on, anymore. I’ll check in with him.

I’m curious, what version of Solaris are you using? I didn’t think Oracle was still developing it…I know there are some Open Source forks, which are still somewhat active, but we haven’t heard much about them.

Also, I think someone maintains pkgsrc Webmin packages (or did in the past). That might be a worth considering (I think I read that some of the Solaris forks use pkgsrc for package management instead of the Solaris package format). Oh, wait, nevermind. They’re not up to date…Oh, well.

OK, I talked with Jamie. He does still have a Solaris box, but it’s packed up from a move, but he’ll try to get it back into the build farm for 1.941 coming soon.

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Great news, thanks a lot! (I can’t give you any details of Solaris business environment, sorry.)

As Webmin 1.941 was just released and the pkg-version is absent, - the Solaris box didn’t make it yet back into the build farm, right?