Download site for Virtualmin GPL version down?

When I click on the link to download the GPL version of Virtualmin:

it just times out. Pinging also gets no reply.

Is there somewhere else that mirrors the virtualmin files?

OOPs my bad - I can download from my phone when it’s not connected to my network. So the problem appears to be on my side. . . (but why only one site when the rest of the internet is up? That’s going to be a head scratcher.)


Yeah you may want to try again later, it could just be a temporary network issue.

I’m curious though, from your server, are you able to contact Or is the only site you can’t reach?


I could get to and most of the internet best as I could tell. It was just that was the problem. The problem was resolved when I rebooted my pfsense router. It had been up for 200+ days and wasn’t able to route to the site.