Download from Gets Version Before Current

OS type and version FreeBSD 14.0
Webmin version 2.111

Downloading the Webmin installer from webmin[dot]com/download/webmin-current.tar.gz now should download version 2.111 released on April 16, 2024. Instead, version 2.110 is downloaded from prdownloads.sourceforge[dot]net/webadmin/webmin-2.110.tar.gz.

Try from here.

Yes they old version is in webmin-current.tar.gz on there website, might need to update that @Jamie

Are you still seeing this? The redirect work OK for me …


I tried two more times and got version 2.111 both times. I first witnessed the download error a few days ago. I have been testing a shell script I developed that installs Webmin including runtime dependencies on a FreeBSD system. On one occasion running the script twice a few minutes apart downloaded both version 2.110 and version 2.111, so it seems that something is behaving erratically.

A verbose transcript of a shell session when the wrong installer was downloaded is here: ‎GET_webmin-current.tar.gz_Finds_2.110.txt. If you want to see the installation script, the current version can be downloaded from here:


Odd I wonder if one of our mirrors had an out-of-date config file that drives the redirect to the correct version?

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