Download All Email to Local Archive

I have a client who is closing a shop in another country which runs Virtualmin and needs to download complete email archives to store locally for backup.

Can anyone advise on the most efficient way of doing this? I am used to cPanel and Virtualmin / Webmin is unfamiliar to me at the moment.

So far I can see that the Backup / Restore facility might do the job, however I am not familiar with the settings.

Operating system: Mac OS
OS version: Catalina 10.15.7


Migrating mail is as simple as copying /home/domain/Maildir directory and setting virtual-server’s ownership accordingly on the target server.

Hi Ilia,

Thanks for the prompt response. Currently if I navigate to the /home/my-domain/Maildir folder using File Manager, the contents of the folders within, all appear to be empty on all domains on the server. Is it possible that mail boxes are assigned by user in this instance?

I can see that the user accounts each have mail box sizes but can’t locate the email files.

I’ve just checked my setup and am getting the same empty folders in /home/my-domain/Maildir

I think you need to navigate to /home/my-domain/homes/user/Maildir to find mailboxes by user.

Hi simon1066,

Thanks for this! I’ve managed to locate all the mail directories. :slight_smile:

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