Dovecot running, but not responding

For some reason, dovecot doesn’t work for me. The server reports that it’s running, and I can telnet to ports 143 and 110. However, the server won’t reply to anything. It gives no welcome message when I connect, and when I try to login by issuing the commands via telnet, I get no reply. Obviously, none of my mail clients can connect to it. They just sit and wait, because the server isn’t acknowledging any commands they’re issuing. So the server is apparently running, but just not working at all.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

hey I’m still having this problem. Anyone else have this problem or any ideas of how to fix it?

I figured it out. On amd_64 systems, you have to go into the dovecot.conf file and add in:
login_process_size = 64

restart dovecot and it will work.