Dovecot Mail_Crypt

OS type and version Ubuntu Server 22.04.1
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3-1
Dovecot 2.3.16

Is there any available guidance on getting mail_crypt for dovecot going?

I’ve followed suggested / configuration steps from their site and nothing appears to be happening to incoming mail.

I read in another place that it doesn’t work because Vmin relies on procmail to deliver to the users’ /Maildir? Is this the case? If so, can mail_crypt even be used on a Vmin system?

Virtualmin definitely uses procmail to deliver mail in its default configuration. I don’t have any experience with mail_crypt, so I have no advice for you there.

If you disable procmail, you lose most of the spam/AV capabilities of Virtualmin, since they’re handled with procmail rules. But, you could certainly change to a different delivery agent. Postfix has one, Dovecot includes a delivery agent, and has a Sieve implementation called Pigeonhole for filtering…the stuff we do with procmail can also be done with Sieve, but we have no GUI for Sieve and Pigeonhole, so you’re on your own there. And, the Postfix delivery agent is mostly stupid; can’t make any kind of user-defined filtering decisions, it just dumps mail into the place you tell it.

It’s one line in the Postfix config. Search for procmail-wrapper (which is our delivery agent that wraps procmail and allows it to switch user and check arguments). Change it to whatever you want to use instead.

You’ll want to turn off spam and AV scanning in Virtualmin so those features go away in the GUI. It’d be confusing to have them not work.

Also, you’ll need to disable user-managed mail forwarding, autoresponders, etc. since all of that is handled by procmail rules, too.

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