Dovecot errors after update?

OS: Centos 5.3
Virtualmin: 3.68 GPL
Dovecot: 0.99.14

As of a couple days ago, any new domains added to virtualmin have problems connecting to dovecot for imap/pop.

It seems to be a permissions error, but even setting 777 on the users home directory doesn’t remedy the issue.

I can still successfully create new email accounts under domains that were added more than 4 days ago. It is only the newest domains that are experiencing this problem

I have read that I may need to update dovecot to a newer version, but I am unsure why only accounts under new domains are having the problem.

Errors from /var/log/maillog while connecting to imap:

May 20 14:13:45 ws2 dovecot: chdir(/home/testdomain/homes/test) failed with uid 741: Permission denied
May 20 14:13:45 ws2 imap-login: Login: test.testdomain [::ffff:]
May 20 14:13:45 ws2 dovecot: child 13244 (imap) returned error 89

For some reason the home directory of new domains has the wrong permissions.

Directories under /home started being created by virtualmin as:

drwxr-x— 9 testdomain testdomain 4096 May 20 17:46 testdomain

After changing to

drwxr-xr-x 9 testdomain testdomain 4096 May 20 17:46 testdomain

This issue with Dovecot is resolved.

It appears that virtualmin uses /etc/skel as the template for home directories. /etc/skel has the appropriate file permissions. Any ideas on why virtualmin is not creating the directory properly?

That’s weird. Dovecot in recent versions shouldn’t need 755 permissions. 750 should be fine.

Wait…Why do you have such an ancient version of Dovecot? 0.99.14 isn’t the Dovecot version provided by CentOS 5.

So, I would suggest you upgrade to the normal CentOS Dovecot package (and figure out where the heck the ancient one came from, so you can get rid of whatever repo dropped that steaming pile of fail onto your server). :wink:

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