Dovecot don`t see messages of additional users of the domain

Hi all!

I`m new with vireualmin. I try to find any related to my problem info, but there is no success…
OS: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Webmin: 1.732
Psorfix: 2.11.0-1ubuntu1
Dovecot: 2.2.9-1ubuntu2.1

So… We create the domain (for example and try to send email to it`s main user Everything is perfect - the server receive this email and put it to maildir (/home/virtual1/Maildir/cur). It is possible to see the message throught postfix - read user mail and witn any external client which is cunnected throught the dovecot.

Second step - we try to create additional user in that domain ( It is possible to send him a email. postfix store it in /home/virtual1/homes/user1/Maildir/cur. It is possible to see that emails from postfix - read user mail, but when try to connect with any external client (usually we use Thunderbird), connection is successfull, but there is no any mail in the box.

I think that possible it is issue with path configuration of the dovecot, but it is my first virtualmin server and i don`t know how everything should be.

I will be appreciated for any help.


Hmm, what you’re trying to do should work by default, in theory :slight_smile:

Do you see any errors in the mail logs, located in /var/log/mail.log?


I thought so. Its normal approach when functionality works after installation when you dont change anything. But seems that something wrong.

When i try to connect by thunderbird to both accounts i see only login string in mail.log. Nothing more.
May be you can tell me where the storage of the maildir should be configured and how it should looks like?


Well, the mail storage stuff is configured in one place for all users. That is, if it works for one user, it should work for all users. So that’s a little puzzling that you’re having a problem with this user.

I’d be curious to see if using a different email client helps, as sometimes something can be awry with the email client itself.

What if you connect to Usermin on port 20000, and then log in as that user. Are you by chance able to see all the email in that case?


When connect to the Usermin by user - everything is fine. But when connect with - connection is successfull, but inbox is empty.

In dovecot mail files lication setted up as " Inbox and folders in ~/Maildir". Seem that it is fine for main users, but not correct for additional users. Any ideas?