[DONE] Fresh HORDE Webmail install


I’ve been battling with this a while, so any help is appreciated.

I have created a sub-server specifically for horde (horde.example.com). In this sub-server I then install HORDE Webmail in the top level of the public_html directory with the user ‘bob’. Install script appears to run fine and I get told:

Horde Webmail installation complete. It can be accessed at http://horde.example.com/. You will need to go to the Setup page under the Administration section to perform further configuration.

More information on using this script can be found at http://www.horde.org/webmail/.

The initial administration login is bob.

So off I trundle to http://horde.example.com and try and log in as bob. bob requires a password. So I try bob’s system password. No dice. On a whim I try password as the password. after ~120 seconds (actually 121 seconds according to apache error log - 120 seconds is my php timeout) I get a server 500 error (php times out…)

I have completely run out of ideas. Anyone got any thoughts?


When you say that you installed Horde – are you referring to installing the software from the Horde website? Or did you mean that you installed the Horde Install Script within Virtualmin?