Domains vs virtual server concepts

I am trying to get my get around this, I can’t see it clearly in the documentation and getting myself in a muddle…

I’ve got a number of domains that I want to host for myself. I’ve got a dedicated server which is via namecheap dns accessible on:

On this I’ve got Virtualmin Pro installed and is accessible via port 10000. So far so good.

First thing I’d like to do is create the email addresses for like;

I’d also like to run a website on: and use the scripts installed for Wordpress etc

Now before I created a virtual server to manage the user accounts/install scripts etc. I set up BIND DNS and created a master zone for with mail records and also defining the ns servers…And when I then went to create a virtual server I can’t because the domain was already defined.

Should I just forget about that, and just use Virtual Servers? But then in the create virtual server the system is suggestion name servers of and which haven’t been configured.
I’m finding it very confusing can someone guide me proper setup guide.


Yeah, what I’d suggest is using Virtualmin in order to configure your DNS. You wouldn’t want to create those ahead of time using Webmin, as that’ll conflict with what Virtualmin attempts to do when setting up a domain.

You can create the Virtual Server, and it’ll generate a DNS zone for you. If there’s any additional DNS records that need added within that zone, you can add them by going into Server Configuration -> Edit DNS Records.


Super, thank you. I’ve done that and all is working brilliantly. Still slightly confusing but good enough for now.

Many thanks Eric.