Domains on /home/ or /var/www/

I looked at Webmin yesterday after a long time to try it out and a big shift.
I have a primitive question. I always put sites in /var/www/domains, here I use a lot the location in /home/ folder.
What is more convenient/better.
The use is on my own, approx. five sites and I want to test webmin/virtualmind. In case of satisfaction I would stay with it, question how it loads the server etc. But after getting oriented, it looks clear.
For now I’m trying it on locale, then I’d put it on VPS.
Thank you and have a nice day

Leave it alone. Changing it is possible, but it would be a significant pain (where websites live is super simple, but everything else in the system assumes users live in /home…if you move homes to /var/www, you have to configure literally everything else to deal with user homes in /var/www). These are user homes…the users happen to have websites. Leave them in /home.


Thank you for your opinion, for now I’d rather try it on localhost to get my bearings. There’s a lot there, so I won’t leave a “hole” somewhere;-)

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