Domains in server with Cloudmin

I have a server installed Cloudmin on a machine EC2

I wonder if it is possible to install Virtualmin on the same machine. To use it for hosting websites.

Or the server cloudmin have to be unique to management?


Both Cloudmin and Virtualmin are Webmin modules. It’s no problem to use both on the same system.


How do I install Virtualmin on the server with Cloudmin?

Just run the install script? Or is there another way?

Hmm, what all is this server used for at the moment – is it purely a Cloudmin server? It’s not hosting email, websites, and such?


This server will be used to host websites, email server and manage the other servers.

I installed Cloudmin with your help. And I wonder what the process in order to install Virtualmin on the same server for hosting sites and have the server e-mail him.

I would have 3 active servers:
Master: Cloudmin Virtualmin + (Hosting and mail server)
Cloud 1: Virtualmin (Hosting, use mail server the master server)
Mysql (RDS) server database. Amazon RDS Service

Recalling that the master servers and cloud 1 are in amazon EC2.


In regards to your Cloudmin setup – it shouldn’t be a problem to install Virtualmin.

The issue I’m concerned about is in regards to Virtualmin – it’s recommended that it be installed on a fresh install of your OS.

Now, that Cloudmin is installed shouldn’t affect anything… my main concerned is just making sure that you’re otherwise dealing with a fairly fresh setup – that there haven’t been any significant changes to the default install, or that you aren’t currently hosting any websites or email addresses.

If that’s the case – if you’re dealing with a mostly fresh OS install, and it’s just Cloudmin that you have on there, it should be no problem to install Virtualmin using the script.