Domain users do not display in Virtualmin

Centos 7 64 (minimal) on VPS

Coming from a WHM/cPanel server
Fresh install of OS and Webmin/Virtualmin on VPS

created several domain accounts to match accounts on other server
copied public_html directory using ftp (old host would not allow creation of cPanel backups)
created mail user in Virtualmin

  • could not access mail account
  • after some time discovered log files were not available as rsyslog was not installed
  • log indicated that Mail access for users with UID 510 not permitted
  • altered 10-mail.conf to allow uID above 500
    everything appeared to be working fine
    checked Webmin default configuration and found it was set to UIDs starting at 500 but for some reason 10-mail.conf was set to 1000

During this learning experience I discovered that UID and GID could be altered using Webmin (system - Users and Groups) so I experimented and changed the domain GIDs to start at 1000 and the account UIDs to start at 2000 ( I also set the User and Group configuration to these numbers for future accounts)

using Webmin I altered the existing UID and GIDs. in Webmin I noticed that the GID for the Virtualmin created accounts all displayed the GID in numerical format whereas all other accounts displayed the actual group name. When changing the user account to the new UID and the new GID (changed in group accounts) the form would only accept the Group Name not the GID.
I changed the UID and GID for each of my created users and everything appeared to work correctly. I also checked the etc/passwd and group files as well as httpd.conf file and the UID and GID were all changed.

Going back to Virtualmin Edit Users only the main domain account is displayed. If I try and recreate one of the existing accounts I get a message indicating that the account already exists. All accounts display properly in Webmin Users and Groups.

I have rebooted the server to see if that was an issue but the problem still exists. Where does Virtualmin get its information in order to display existing accounts for each domain? Maybe that file has not been updated?

Thanks for any assistance.