Domain transfer fails to transfer additional database

OS type and version RHEL 8 & 9
Webmin version 2.001
Virtualmin version 7.3

Doing a domain transfer from RHEL 8 to RHEL 9, the domain has an additional database which doesn’t get transferred.

Should it, and if not, what is the best way to deal with it?

More detail.

Running the script to install WordPress, creates a database file called “domain_wordpress”.

Doing a transfer then only copies the empty database called “domain” and ignores the database “domain_wordpress”

This is important to me as I want to transfer all domains from the server that has also been messed with as I learnt about VMin, to a clean new one.

The backup should include all databases owned by the user, assuming you chose to backup the databases. I don’t know of any reason it wouldn’t…we’d need to see errors, probably. I kinda assume something went wrong during the backup, and if so, there’d be some kind of error.

Are you sure the missing database is owned by the domain owner, though?

The new database was created by your script to install WordPress

Webmin, servers, MariaDB, shows the original and new database.
Database permissions shows them both with the same user.
Looking at files, they both are owned by mysql:domain

Yet Vmin, Edit Database only shows the original database, not the new one.

It appears that Vmin doesn’t register databases apart from the original one created with the Virtual Server.

I also haven’t seen where I can choose to backup the database.

Vmin, Server Configuration, Transfer Virtual Sever. Any chance that is a PRO option?

The Virtual Server Action Log shows:

Installed script wordpress 6.11 in server “domain” - doesn’t mention creating the database.

A different Virtual Server that was created then restored using Duplicator shows:

Created MariaDB database “newdatabase” in server “domain”

So VMin knows the database was created by/for that server, but it doesn’t show in VMin, Edit Database.

It doesn’t matter how the new database was created, VMin doesn’t see it.

Whenever you install Wordpress it HAS to create a database, otherwise the install will fail. Wordpress can’t run without it.

All you have to do is edit the config file to use your old database - or you could import the old database into the new one. Either way works.

An easier way to do it if you’re not familiar with editing files and data bases is to simply migrate the website using the Wordpress All-In-One Migration tool.

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Thanks for you view Gomez.

This isn’t about how WordPress works, it’s about how VMin and also Virtual Server Transfer ignores any database other than the one it initially created.

Also, using your favourite tool doesn’t also move things like Users, emails etc to another server all in one go, just Wordpress - which I can also do quite happily with eg Duplicator and probably a few other tools.

Virtualmin is an amazing tool for making server admin so easy, I am simply offering my observations that may allow it to be improved, and hopefully with enough details to make my observations useful.

It’s always worked perfectly for me. Good luck.

Is there a reason why backing up the virtual server on the old server and restoring it to the new one wouldn’t work?

I’ve done a whopping one WordPress move, but that’s how I did it.


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That seems wrong. A database created as part of an Install Script is also owned by the domain owner user by default, and should be associated with the domain…so, if you can’t see it in the “Edit Databases” page, something happened to disassociate it, and that explains why it is not included in the backup.

If you can see it in the Edit Databases page, then we’re still in the dark about why it isn’t in the backup.

I can only see it in Webmin, Servers, MariaDB.

I can’t see it in Virtualmin, Edit Database.

As per my 3rd post from the top. Also the question about where to select to backup databases.

Then it’s been disassociated from the domain. Obviously Virtualmin won’t backup databases that don’t belong to the domain (that’d be a huge security concern).

You want to use the Import tab in Edit Databases for the domain to bring it back in (I’m noticing that’s a poorly named tab…there are two meanings for “import” when it comes to databases, and I can see how it might not be obvious that import in this context would mean “make an existing database owned by this domain”).

On the backup form you can choose which features to backup.

But I am talking about Domain Transfers.

Perhaps rename it to Attach Database?
Or add a comment eg “Check Import Database to see additional databses that may belong to this server”.

Joe, I just tested and Import Database is the magic answer.

Transfer then includes the additional databases.

Many thanks for your fantastic support once again.


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