Domain specific SSL

I am new to SSL’s and still finding my way around.

My question is that I understood elsewhere that with the arrival of Server Name Indication it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated IP address for your SSL.

However, when I look around in Webmin/Virtualmin I can find SSL only under “Webmin Configuration” where I can only set it for the whole IP address.

So my question is: am I missing something or is this a limitation of Webmin/Virtualmin?


You can indeed use SNI – but only in Apache. The other services running on your server don’t support that.

So that would work for your various websites there, but for your other services, you’d still need the old fashioned one SSL cert per IP address.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply.

You can indeed use SNI – but only in Apache.

Does that mean that I need to edit the Apache config files directly - outside VirtualMin

The other services running on your server don’t support that.

I am only running a website. So I guess that isn’t important to me?

One additional question: I want to use my VPS space for one big website and some small ones. Only for the big one I need SSL. What is the effect when I assign the SSL to the IP of this VPS? Will something not function?


Nope, no need to manually edit Apache. You can have an SSL cert for each of your domains simply by enabling the SSL feature for multiple domains.

There shouldn’t be any negative effect for enabling SSL for your website.


Thank you for the explanation.

Do I understand it well that I can now make my SSL in Webmin for the whole ip address, that I can use the standard (cheapest) SSL certificate and that it will then cover all the domains I have on this ip address?

Edit: that doesn’t work - because my SSL provider then says that I need a wildcard SSL, that is a lot more expensive. But I don’t see how I can get a domain-specific SSL working without supplying Virtualmin with a private IP address.