Domain Replication Failing Whilst Using Slave DNS

Alma 6.9
Webmin 2.105

Hi there,

I’ve recently started getting to grips with Webmin and Virtualmin - really cool stuff.

I have 2 servers both running the same specs etc. I have configured DNS and slave DNS to my second server, using 1st server as NS1 and 2nd sever as NS2.

So I want to use my second server as a failover and I have successfully replicated the virtual servers via CLI using the below code:

virtualmin transfer-domain --domain --host --pass pasword --replication --output --overwrite

So this works great, I do want to use Cloudmin at some point but for now, I’m happy running crons for any sites that I need HA for.

This however, fails now that I have turned on DNS slave replication with the following error:

a clash was detected : The DNS domain is already hosted by your DNS server

So question is… Can I replicate the virtual server minus the DNS zone? If not does anybody have a solution?

Thank you

I thought transfer-domain copied EVERYTHING. Am I correct, AND is that what you want to do? Also, does this operation clone the domain, or delete the domain aka a migration function from one server to another? (the word TRANSFER has several interpretations)

Speaking in general about DNS, the slave dns simply is told to do zone transfers from the primary, and the primary is told who and where the slave is (and configured to allow the slave to do the zone transfer) – then the primary can send the secondary (aka slave) an update notification msg which in turn causes the slave to do a zone transfer — at least that is one classical way to set things up.

but I must admit, I have never done any of that using the Webmin or Virtualmin framework – I did it all by hand once, many many years ago on a pair of RedHat servers :grinning:

Does these docs help?

Hi Both,

Thanks for getting back to me.

So, @verne yep it does indeed transfer everything but since turning on slave dns server, the error that I listed in my original post shows and the transfer fails.

@stefan1959 that’s what I’ve followed - the slave dns is working correctly.

So essentially, it seems transfer-domain command doesn’t work if there’s a slave zone on the second server. So I was wondering if there was a command that will just transfer files and database etc and not transfer the DNS too as this has already been done?

so you are not interested in just a primary/secondary DNS setup, but want to have a clone of your entire Virtualmin domain to your other VPS? I was confused by your use of the word FAILOVER :slight_smile:

if so, I have never done that so sadly cannot give any advice :frowning:

Yeah, essentially. I mean the slave DNS is awesome, so easy to set up.

It’s no bother, thank you all the same. Maybe I should try Cloudmin and transfer that way, maybe there will be some extra options.

you might have to choose between — having a primary/secondary DNS setup and having a hot backup/clone of the entire Virtual Server :grinning:

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