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I have just migrated all my DNS provision into CloudFlare (from NameCheap), primarily because Virtuamin has such good Cloud DNS support. Then thought it would be great if there were a Registration plug-in for Virtualmin, yep I found one but it will only buy domains in NameCheap (or ghandi)… any chance it can be extended to cover the DNS providers supported in the Cloud DNS plugin/app/thinggie to give me (clients) a seamless setup experience, not that purchasing the domains in CloudFlare is so complex or difficult…

I’m curious - where?

in vm search type ‘domain reg’ and click the link. You will see


You dont have pro then i guess

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Ah! that would be why. Not a problem, thanks I was just curious (the registrars used are far and wide and not something I direct clients on (they spend their $$ wherever they want to) CloudFlare just seems to be like adding another layer of complexity for seemingly little gain for me.

Not installed out of the box, the link has the info for installing it, but does not say it is limited to Pro only, though that indeed might be the case.

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I am also not sure that the Cloud DNS plugin/link is available in the GPL version, but the simplicity of management (SPF,DKIM and DMARC etc) and global DNS servers and CACHING is a very compelling reason to use the cloud DNS facility.

im having problems with registion with namecheap i have a domain name with and account but im having problems getting the namecheap api key

Talk/Chat to NameCheap support, they are usually there and very helpful…

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ok thank you for your help

The Registrar plugin is not a Pro only feature. It is a module, and you can install it like you install any other modules in our repos.

On RPM-based distros:

dnf install wbm-virtualmin-registrar

Or deb-based:

apt install webmin-virtualmin-registrar

Thanks Joe, i have it installed but as i have just moved all my domains to CloudFlare, is it possible to add that registrar to the webmin-virtualmin-registrar or is that not possible - not that using cloudflare to register domains is at all difficult anyway.

yes i have done that joe

The registrar module does not support Cloudflare.

Virtualmin’s Cloud DNS feature does support managing records in Cloudflare, but that’s not domain registration (those are two wholly separate concerns…who registers your domain, and who hosts the DNS zones for them are not necessarily related, though lots of people do use the DNS servers provided by their registrar).

Thanks Joe, aware of the registrars in the domain registration module, as i think you wrote the module i was wondering if you would be adding CloudFlare to that module as you had already done a lot of stuff with the CF API. But as i also said it is pretty easy to use CloudFlare so it is probably not worth investing the time to add another registrar to that module.

Jamie wrote the module. Adding new registrars is not high on our list of priorities, but I wouldn’t rule it out, and it’s not super complicated to do (and, the module is open source, you’re allowed to add new registrars and make PRs).

But, it’s unlikely to happen before we get some new stuff out the door.

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