Domain registration expiry notification

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1


Is there a way to disable or remove from the dashboard the notification about domain registration expiry for a virtual server that has been disabled?

I have this warning on the dashboard that reads:
The following virtual servers’ domain registrations are about to expire : []

When I click on the domain in the warning it leads me to the Virtual Server summary page of that server and the last line says indeed:
Domain registration expiry 18/07/2022 22:42:13

Of course it makes sense because I’m not planning on renewing that domain which is why I disabled the virtual server but I’m not interested in getting this kind of warning for a disabled server.
Any idea on how to fix that?


Do you have the Domain Registration Plugin? Docs have this

Dis-Associating a Domain

If you no longer want Virtualmin to manage a domain registration but do not want to actually re-register it, open the Domain Registration category on the left menu and click on Dis-Associate Domain. The click the button on the confirmation form that appears.

If you change your mind, the Associate Domain feature can be used to bring the domain back under Virtualmin’s control.

I had a look on the documentation you are referring to in that page:

It seems that the plugin is installed by default. I can see the menu element “Virtualmin domain registration” which displays the DNS Domain Registrars page but it’s empty since I have never created or added any registrar account in there. Which means there is nothing to dis-associate since I never associated any domain to begin with.
I basically never instructed Virtualmin to manage or monitor my domain names so I think the solution lies somewhere else or maybe it’s an unexpected behavior subsequent to recent updates because now that I think about it, I’ve had many domain names that I haven’t renewed and left them until they expired and Virtualmin never complained about them and never displayed that warning before! It’s a first!
Any help from the admin?

Weird, maybe untick it in Features and Plugins in System Settings if not used. Hopefully that will get rid of the message.

That is definitely strange because I found the plug-in already unchecked but then I checked it, saved, then, unchecked it, then saved again but the warning is still there.

Might be a bug, maybe report it to @staff


It’s a bug that Virtualmin is still showing this warning for disabled domains - I’ll fix that.

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