Domain records description in DNS zones

Hello guys.

I was recently trying to get my domain records in order and i thought it would be not bad idea to include code to describe the record type on the page with records for certain DNS zone.
I’ve been using yor software for quite a while i love it but i still get confused a bit when it comes to records.
I could always go to to make sure i’m modifying the right one.
What do you think?

That’s a good idea. Though it doesn’t require any code. Just a new help file for the zone page. The whole BIND module looks like it could use a documentation overhaul, actually, as it seems to have little to no documentation.

Hello Joe.

Thanks for replying. Just to make clear - by code i ment codes for particular record for instance: AAAA, CNAME, etc… (placed next to the particular record)
Whoever is interested in what it means may find the answers somewhere else by typing it in google for instance.