Domain Pain!

I have an account at Sectorlink, whom I like, I really do, but there support database is very lacking, not that I usually need it, but when I do, it is pain.

well I can have 25 free sub domains on this account, so I created one…it works, I can see the placeholder page (public_html directory blah blah…)

thing is, I cant find out where to set the index.htm file.

if I go into domains/(the sub domain) there is no public_html, and creating one doesn’t help.

and if you go to the one for the main domain, theres no sub-domain folders at all, so any help would be greatly appreciated XD

Is it possible they’ve customized the settings so that your “subdomain’s” main HTML folder is domains/<subdomain>/ instead of the usual domains/<subdomain>/public_html/ ?

Just a thought, maybe try uploading to it, and see what happens?


nope, tried that and when I even try to get to the index.htm file…

I get a 404, so I’ve obviously not found the right spot.

rather than guesing, is there any configuration file/other place I can look to see which directory has been designated for the subdomain?

thanks for the help btw

sorry for the double post, I get an error when I select edit…anyway, heres a screenshot that will hopefully lead to an answer.

just offhand, did you try index.html?

index.htm isn’t standard in apache and has to be added as a directory index by hand in the apache config. index.htm was typically a microsoft “it’s our coding” war for microsoft servers, typically a frontpage extension. But it looks more like you’re trying to do what sectorlink hasn’t authorised

Not sure what sectorlink is or what it has to do with Virtualmin and why you’re asking advise here, that’s sectorlink issue and they’d know what they’ve set up. But generically you need to see what apache points to and go from there.