Domain on internal network


I have a question about virtualmin. We need to create an internal network (no connection to the internet is required) and part of it is a webserver. We installed CentOS with virtual-min and its working. When we create a user and preview the website its working fine. But the problem is that we don’t exactly know if its possible that when we enter in the adressbar, for exampe “” (created as a virtual user), we will actually see the page… Because now we get a 404 error. Again it should not matter that a domain may already exist because its al on an interntal network. We figured it must be something with BIND DNS. But we dont exactly now how to configure it all.

Litte example if the above is unclear :slight_smile:

-Created user:
-Index.html file is in the public html folder of
-Previewing from the account works.
-Accessing doesn’t work…

So what do we need to do to get working on the internal network?

EDIT: OR do we just need to set the ip and domain name in the hosts file on every client?

If the domains, including BIND zone, are only hosted locally on your LAN server, with no “affiliation” with any actual domain registry, you need to configure the machines in your LAN to use that server as a nameserver, possibly in addition to your actual nameserver for “official” domain resolution.

Otherwise the machines will only query the official nameservers, which know nothing about your LAN domains, and not the BIND on the server, which is the only one knowing about the LAN domains.