Domain name change now website redirecting to wrong website

Hi, I changed the domain name for a virtual server website in virtualmin/server configuration/change domain name . This all went well. I then restarted the VPS. Now if I try and go to the new domain (which is pointing to the correct IP) it shoes the default website for the shared ip address not the website which it should go to.
The website is a wordpress one so not sure if there is a setting I need to check/change in virtualmin, apachie or in the wordpress files so it shows the correct website. Any pointers welcome. Thanks.

Did you update the web links in your general settings in Wordpress?

Example: You had You changed it to You would need to go into your Wordpress Admin to the general settings and update your links from to as well. Once you do that and update it the database will update as well and the site should display.

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Hi, thanks, yes it turned out to be a combination of the wordpress not being updated and so redirecting to the default site. Also because there was a redirect the chrome and firefox browser’s didnt update their cache’s, I had to delete history and then re open to get the site back as it just redirected until I did this.

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