Domain login not working

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ubuntu 20.04.03
virtualmin 6.17

I can not access virtualmin with my domain ( I can only log on with (local-ip:10000) is there something I am doing wrong. I know my domain is working as the wordpress site is being directed to the server just fine. Thanks in advance for any help. I have 2 virtual servers working and both are displaying the correct sites.

Hi there,

You’re using maybe Cloudflare?

Yes. But first though my rpi pihole. Changing the dns to Google you think will help?

On second thought. I went to change it to Google. And that is what it was set as. So no not using cloudflare.

So after reading the please read before posting here is my error message.

use this site to see if port 10000 is open

Omg I’m so stupid. When I went to open the port for some reason I opened 20000 vs 10000. I got it swapped and now it works great. Thanks for your help.

20000 should still work as that would be usermin. If it isn’t working, you should open that port as well. You’ll use it eventually.

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