Domain DNS (Nameserver) and GLUE

Setting up a basic DNS server and have a few questions, and I’m not understanding in terms of DNS. I have included screenshot for my whole DNS record for domain e.g. which is the FQDN

  • What is minimum required for a domain record using glue with ns1., ns2. (master/slave server setup BIND)?
  • Why is the ns1 & ns2 pointing to the same server (ipv4 & ipv6)? should they not be different and should the glue not be taking care of that? Do we even need to include it in the record?
  • Why is my other Virtual Servers have nameserver records too?

Note this is automatic config by VirtualMin/Webmin/BIND


hi… what is the output of hostname and hostname -f also please consider that your host should be something like or - it should never be only - does those two commands give you same output? eg:

Edit - rest of the questions can be easy to google it out…

Hi, yes hostname and hostname -f are returning Is this wrong?

Virtualmin only configures one name server by default, as it is the only name server it knows about on installation. You can (should) add at least one more once you get a slave server setup on another system.

Glue records are at your registrar and are wholly independent of the NS records for your zones on your server. Sometimes the top level zone info will match (e.g. the ns records will point to hosts that have the same names and IP addresses in your glue records, but they need to exist in both places). I’ve written about glue records here: