Domain Accounts Limit

Is there any limit of Domain Accounts for the free version?


There are no limits.

Couldn’t find a similar topic.

In the pro version, when it says limited to 10 domains, that includes subdomains? Anybody knows?

There is no such thing as a “subdomain” account type in Virtualmin, if you’re thinking of cPanel “subdomains”.

Virtualmin has virtual servers (domains) and sub-servers (domains owned by an existing domain) and aliases (another name for an existing domain).

Virtual servers and sub-servers are full-featured websites (can have mail, databases, email, etc.) that have different content dirs, and just happen to be owned by the same system user and live in the same home directory. Either one consumes a licensed domain.

Aliases have the same content as an existing virtual server or sub-server. Aliases do not consume licensed domains.