Does Webmin respects the database charset set by user when using backup all databases

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Webmin version 2.105

I want to know does option backup all database in webmin 2.015 exports the database using the charset used in database or it just exports using default ones without respecting the charest used by user for that database.



Webmin simply offers a GUI to manage a database, therefore to answer your question, yes it should not be adjusting the charset when exporting and simply exporting as-is based on what has been set.

But i think in past there was a issue where emojis were not getting exported. Does that issue got fixed as they were working on the respect the database charset used by user for each database.


Hmm, would have to see the issue first hand to be certain. However, were you exporting and importing into the same version of MySQL? I mean, there are likely a few other possibilities why rendering was off, though again I’d have to see what you mean to be certain. As far as I know, emojis aren’t anything special within the context of a database, and but I could be wrong.

There is an option that is set to default in backup all database section. My some database uses utf8mb3 and some uses utf8mb4. I want to know is this option going to export my both database in utf8mb4 (because its default in mysql dump command) or this option is going to respect my charset and automatcally exports one to utf8mb3 and other to utf8mb4.


@Ilia And also while backing up All PostgreSQL Database or Single Database there is no option to select the charset so what does it mean. Am i going to get the backups in correct charset used for that database even when using backup All PostgreSQL Database or single database backups.

I did some research. And found out pg_dump captures the encoding and locale information from the source database when creating the dump file, and this information is then used when the dump is restored using pg_restore. am i correct so does it means in pgsql there is no need to select the charset while exporting and it will be automatically exported in correct charset.

This is exactly what Webmin 2.105+ will also do for MySQL/MariaDB.

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Thankyou for reply sir :slight_smile:

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