Does Virtualmin work without Quotas?

I am/was setting up a VPS from Rose Hosting to be a hot backup to my colocated server. However, after running into some Virtualmin restore issues, it became apparent that Quotas was not enabled on my VPS. Upon inquiry to tech support, this is the response:

“We are sorry, but due to the virtualization layer, disk quotas are not supported inside your virtual server.
We apologize for the inconvenience.”

So, the next logical questions are:

  1. Can Virtualmin be run without quotas?
  2. How can I backup/restore from a Virtualmin system with quotas to a Virtualmin system without?


  • Acorp

Same problem here… ¿can quotas be dectivated on a Virtualmin install?

Apart from having no need of them, this virtualized server doesn’t have quotas support :’(


There’s instructions on disabling quotas at this thread here:


It was just in front of me!
I opened at least twice that config page :smiley:

Ok, thank you a lot for the heads up :smiley: