Does Virtualmin support push notifications for email?

Does Virtualmin support push notifications for email?

I am trying to add my email account as an Exchange on my iPhone so I can enable Push (because IMAP doesn’t give me the option for push) but it keeps saying unable to Verify Server or something. I guess I cant add a Virtualmin email account as Exchange?

So wondered if it supports it all, how would I do it?


No, you can’t use Virtualmin email accounts as Exchange, because Virtualmin naturally does not contain an Exchange server. :slight_smile:

IMAP does push just fine though, at least normally it should. You don’t need to enable “push” with IMAP, but tell the client to stay connected. You’ll automatically receive notifications for new email in your inbox then. IMAP supports only one push folder per connection though, for protocol technical reasons.

I will look into it, its just on my iPhone when I choose the type of Manual/Fetch/Push for this IMAP account, Push is not in there, even though I enabled Push on the phone. I only get a choice of Fetch or Manual. Fetch has a minimum of 15 minutes.

Whereas on my iCloud account (I dont use email for that, just calendars and notes), Push is an option.

So I assumed because it was an IMAP account, it did not have Push.

I have seen Z-Push is an addon for an IMAP server to enable Push, hence another reason I thought IMAP wouldnt do it.

My phone is not alerting me to new email messages when they arrive, I have to open it up to download them. Whereas Push it should come in right away.


Well, I have no experience with iPhones (I’m on the Android side of that war of faith :wink: ). I can only speak to email clients like Thunderbird or TheBat on Windows, and those I use on Android (Kaiten, …). All of those do IMAP push notification without problem when configured properly.

So this is not a restriction/problem of IMAP or Dovecot (the server software Virtualmin uses), but of your iPhone email client. :wink:

In that case I wonder if Z-Push will work for the iPhone. I shall look into it.