Does VirtualMin help me set up cron jobs ?

Does VirtualMin help me set up cron jobs ?

When setting up a cron job, can I only set up
unix commands or can I tell the server to run a php.script.

For example: During the day I want to select several people
to send an email to, also I will create the email.
That info will be held in a database.

then once a day I want my sendthem.php to run so that all the meassges get sent. Actually I will limit the sending to say a 30 emails batch.

Each batch can go out with a five minute interval.

The I want to run the sendthem.php script say 20 times starting at
10.00 pm everday ( it will take 1hr 40 mins to do the 20 batches )

Does anyone know where and how I can set this up ?

Does virtualmin help me with this ?


Sure, Virtualmin can help out here.

You can setup any command to run from cron that you could run if you were logged in over SSH.

That is, you can run a PHP script from within cron, so long as you could also run that PHP script from the command line.

When you log into Virtualmin as a Virtual Server Owner, there’s an option on the left called “Webmin Modules”. When you click that, you’ll see “Scheduled Cron Jobs”.

You can add a new cron job in there.