Does Forwarding email to Spamtrap "report spam" as well?

In Usermin, if enabled, we have the ability to “report spam” to Razor/DCC/Pyzor by clicking the “report spam” button on an email. (I have set these up on the server and verifyed they are working).

When using a email client (ie Thunderbird) as most people do, when forwarding (as attachment) an email to the Spamtrap email address, does that email get “reported” as well?


Yes, if you “forward” an email from say “” to “”, it’ll forward to SpamAssassin to help it learn about SPAM.

In the same manner, sending to “” would teach SpamAssassin about mail that should NOT be marked as spam.

Keep in mind, the learning engine of SpamAssassin requires a lot of mail before you start to notice real change (somewhere around 100 messages roughly).

Also note, the “spamtrap” and “hamtrap” feature needs to be enabled within Virtualmin for this to work.

Thanks for the reply tpn… but not sure this answers my question.

When I “Report Spam” via Usermin you see this result:

Reporting this message to Razor and other SpamAssassin spam-blocking databases ..

Learned tokens from 1 message(s) (1 message(s) examined)

.. done

So my question is: Does forwarding to “spamtrap” also result in the email being reported to Razor (and other databases)?

Reason I ask is that if it indeed does do this then I only need to do the 1 action of forwarding the spam email instead of having to also log in to Usermin and report the spam email seperatly.

Yes, it does!

Great… thanks

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