Does enabling scheduled backups require more consistent ram usage?

I saw my ram usage go from a consistent 650mb to a consistent 950mb on a 2G/1 core digital ocean droplet running Centos 8.2 after enabling scheduled backups for 1 virtual server and my webmin configuration. Was this in fact from enabling these backups or maybe something else happened to my system? Just checking with you guys before I go digging around. Thanks!

This seems like normal, conservative memory usage. If you were to upgrade to a 4 Gb droplet watch nominal memory usage jump two-fold (give a server a dollar and it spends two). The scheduler certainly uses memory and usage will go higher during the backup itself. Automated backups are hungry beasts. You can try taming it by doing piecemeal backups instead of full ones. i.e., Backup mail one day, databases the next day, Webmin config after that and so on.

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