Does Cloudmin just not use the XL toolstack for XEN?

Hey guys,
I just finished updating my server (Ubuntu 14.04) and it’s now using Xen 4.4. The problem is that I can’t do anything with Cloudmin and this error

Failed to add system : The selected Xen instance does not exist on

Due to this error I can’t start or register any of my VMs that are hosted on this machine. Does anyone know how I can get Cloudmin working correctly with the Xen 4.4 Hypervisor?
Thank you for any help!


The problem is that CM at this time does not support xl only xm. I have a request in for this so we can move onto Xen 4.5+ which is missing xm. The maintainer of Xen will not build 4.2 for CentOS 7. So, until CM uses xl, we cannot use CentOS 7 for Xen.

Put in a request for it as I have.