Does Anyone know how to use Bacula

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Hello… I’ve installed bacula on both my main server and then on a remote server. I’ve tried to configure it to backup files from one server to the remote server and I’ve totally failed! Does anyone know how to do this?

Dan Lewsi

@danwtsa hi I would love to see some tutorial on this as well… bacula is wild and great tool man and because it have so many option I got lost as well… I ended up to do same thing from past decade rsync - I know its plain and dead brain simple - but it kept me going 11+ years and never fail me. I will set up demo server in kvm and will play with it, sort of speaking I will try to create video documentation following bacula official documentation how to do this. In mean time you can leverage rsync

Have you actually gotten it to work? I’ve had no success. I’m sure it’s just some sort of configuration problem. If I can see it done properly once I’ll bet I could catch right on.


@danwtsa yes I did, how ever I did not record my steps - what I would like to do is screencast how I did it - well for my own documentation and share with you.

Ive used it in the past. Works great but yes, its confusing to configure. Its been years so Im not much help but most of the issues I ran into where name/PW on host vs name/pw on client where not correct. The wording of what password goes where was confusing if I remember correctly. Like editing the client config on the host, you put one PW. But editing the host config on the client you use another PW. Think I only solved it by making all the PW’s the same.

I’ll give that a try!

Any help you can give would be appreciated!

I’m still struggling with bacula and haven’t been able to get it to work. I was wondering if there was a basic step by step tutorial out there that would show me a basic setup. I think if I see it once I’ll get it and then can go from there. But I can’t get it to do anything

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