Does anyone know how to install the clamd-stream-client

Hi All,

I am attempting to setup remote spam and virus filtering using Cloudmin Services. The Server is up and running and a Host server has been defined providing Spam and Virus scanning.

When trying to configure Virtualmin to use this Cloudmin Service I get this message:

… check failed : The ClamAV virus scanning client clamd-stream-client is not installed

I have followed this post : to install the client
and have also found which describes an error with the above instructions. This last post describes a workaround which I think I have applied (manual copy of the executable to /usr/local/bin)

However despite the above this error “… check failed : The ClamAV virus scanning client clamd-stream-client is not installed” persists and I am no further. I don’t know what a good install of the client looks like so an example or other would be welcome.

I’m running CENTOS 7, Cloudmin 9.2, Virtualmin 5.99

Thanks for any help

That reminds me we need to do something about that. (Either package clamd-stream-client, or build a new client of our own and package that.) :wink:

I haven’t set this up in a long time, so I’m gonna have to do a little research and experimentation. But, the workaround mentioned should work…you might try running the command manually to see if it works. Also make sure the file is executable. The code probably checks for an executable file at that path, and a non-executable file might be a negative result.

Yes thanks - that was simple. File was not executable. Unto the next challenge as nothing’s ever easy. Thanks!

For the future, we’ll be switching to using the regular clamdscan for remote streaming scanning so this extra program won’t be needed, but it’ll take some code changes, so it’ll probably be another revision or two before it makes into production.