Documentation PDF

Is there a documentation master PDF?

I realize it is nice to be able to maintain documentation realtime but a PDF has specific advantages. You could post when a new version is available just like software.

Gone are the days when i got paper IBM manual updates which had to be collated. :frowning:

As far as I know there is no PDF download for the instructions.

A job for someone with time on there hands.
You could just convert html to pdf

I think you could write a program in an hour. Would be ideal if you put HTML in a database with a breadcrumb key and link key.

Not wanting to tease you, but what are these precisely? I can’t see any.

Much better searching possible and no internet connection required.

I preferer the docs to be online because they can get updated often, especially with Virtualmin.

I’m not suggesting switching to PDF just adding it and of course updating it. If you write a program to create PDF from HTML then updating PDF just means running the program again.

to do that on the fly would be quite expensive in server resources. This could at best on be done on a schedule.

Everyone works in different ways :slight_smile:

Search functionality isn’t superior. By using Google Dorks you can even pull out more from an HTML documentation than a PDF would ever be capable of.

So you want to read documentation offline while working with a tool like Virtualmin that won’t work offline at all?!

Not as trivial as it sounds.

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Sorry. I am trying to use virtualmin as a test environment not production. My production is on a server in the Netherlands. My virtualmin is here at home. And I hate google. I used to have a gmail account Maybe I still have it. I don’t use it. I have my own mail server in the Netherlands. I hate getting gmail from outside the US because it goes directly through NSA Carnivore to california and then to the netherlands. Grrr.

With the new upcoming documentation update, it won’t be hard to make one large PDF file out of it.

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